Bringing a well-loved tradition to your event our grill caterers specialise in serving slow, wood-smoked BBQ
meats, all prepared to a perfect, smoky tenderness.
Together with barbecue rubs and sauces that been refined with many years experience.
Your event will be memorable as our mobile BBQ arrives ready to prepare a truly unique dining experience.

A BBQ event will be remembered by guests from the grilled perfection of the meats to the beautiful presentation!



Hog Roasts

A Hog roast will provide a real wow factor to any event.

A professional and friendly service from our team with experience in the hospitality industry to make sure your event runs smoothly.


We only use free range pigs happily nurtured at a slow rate on a local farm to give the meat a deliciously
enhanced flavour, with a layer of wonderful tasting crackling that cooks in our state of the art rotating cooker.